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Tarot For Beginners: Six Week Course

This course takes place in NEW ORLEANS at Rosalie Botanicals in Mid-City, 3201 Toulouse 70119. All courses and workshops are available by REMOTE.

This course covers all 78 cards in the Tarot. We will discuss storytelling, philosophy, journaling, and explore how the cards dialog with one another to create meaningful readings. We will make a pleasant space for ourselves to learn the Tarot story and grow as both spiritual and social beings. When you leave this class you will have a solid foundation for your personal Tarot journey and confidence to practice co-healing with others.

Cost: Sliding scale $140-$190

To Register Call: (504) 488-4425

October 16th & 23rd

We will follow the Major Arcana as a narrative, as a continuous story of a human life from the birth of innocence in The Fool to the release of the soul in The World. We will engage deep discussion on the personalities depicted in each card and the philosophies they offer in conversation with other cards.

October 30 & November 6th

We will dive into the court cards as elemental realms within which the characters of the court fulfill specific positions and fill roles. We will also discuss the elemental realms as family and social systems. These sessions will unlock an understanding of the court cards that brings them to life so they may be read deeply and effectively. 

November 13th & 20th

We will bring it all together in thorough discussions of the Minor Arcana as unique personalities in their fixed elements and explore the use of our imagination in making use of our natural intuitive senses. We will come to a full circle understanding of our 78 new friends. 

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