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Spiritual Consulting

Michelle Embree

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Tarot is my chosen tool for undertaking conversations of psychological and spiritual depth, conversations that open the possibility for self-analysis to lead to relief and transformation. Where reason and faith are allied we find insight and the deeply practical nature of making big magic.

A session with me should leave you feeling lighter in spirit, more connected to the human network, and empowered to take the next steps in your life. We will use the spiritual language you prefer and focus on your needs from a holistic perspective. You may benefit from a session or a package of sessions when you are making a big life transition, facing a prolonged challenge, or walking through your ‘shadow work’.

We work at the level where you are comfortable and will gain the most from what I offer. Some sessions are deep and life changing, other sessions are quite practical and render simple tools that underscore your confidence as you move ahead.

As a member of the clergy I am here to serve your spiritual health and vigor and to stand as witness to your unique experience of being human. All sessions are confidential and customized to suit your spiritual and pyschological needs. My practice is ‘trauma-informed’ and ‘consent centered’.

Read more about me HERE.

If I may answer questions please text: 270.331.9229 or email: michelleembree1@gmail.com

This is me talking about Tarot a bit:







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