Spiritual Consulting

Michelle embree


The Tarot was introduced to me during an illness in 2002 when a friend handed me a deck for distraction. I loved the cards instantly, how could any story teller not love a Tarot deck? It is, as Paul Foster Case noted, a book disguised as a deck of cards.

Tarot is the never ending story and through the images and multiple layers of symbols embedded in the cards, we are able to unravel our concerns and put fresh perspective on old problems. When it comes to tough memories, deep traumas, or unrelenting mental conditions, Tarot can help us to construct a story large enough to hold our healing and our victory over adversity.

The Art and Philosophy of Tarot are subjects I teach in workshops held in both New Orleans, Louisiana, and in Paducah, Kentucky (soon to be online!).

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Philosophy from McKendree University and a Master of Fine Arts in Writing From Goddard College.

I am an ordained minister available for weddings, ritual events, and funerals.

Learn more about my Tarot and writing workshops HERE.

I write modern myth and perform it too. Listen to my mythical stories in a musical and magical audio book form HERE.

Find out more about my writing and learn about The CrushKit HERE.

I wrote this young adult novel, too.

If I may answer questions please text: 270.331.9229 or email: michelleembree1@gmail.com

This is me talking about Tarot a bit: