Readings are relaxing and specifically focused on what
               will give you the greatest sense of capability to face
               problems, engage growth, and cope with trauma.

               You should come away from the reading with a
               a sense of lightness and creative interest for
               what is ahead of you.

               Some readings may hop-you-up while other readings
               may require a nap afterward. It all depends on what we are
               clearing or resolving. In either case you will have some relief.
       xxo Tarot is a wisdom art that became central to my life in 2002.

       xxo I work with what is known as Archetypal Psychology. We
              will use the cards to tell stories about your life and seek the
              Archetypes located on the field of your deep psyche.

       xxo I am an 'empath' and I often feel/see how energy is sitting or 
              moving through the clients body, mental state, basic environment.
       xxo I work with 'guides' and they may enter our conversation
              if they have something they would like to say. They often
              come through to encourage clients to understand the
              full impact of the information they are receiving.

       xxo My aim is to 'shift' energy within and around the client
              in order to boost a sense of well-being, cut cords, and reduce
              emotional attachments to negative habits and arbitrary
      xxo We will develop actionable solutions that you may engage
             immediately. These solutions will be conscious of your health,
             your personality, and your schedule.
       xxo All of my clients are my Mirrors. I heal in myself what
              you allow healed in yourself when we work together.

       xxo I use the same protocol as doctors in terms of your      
              confidentiality. It is the business of none but you, myself, 
              and the spirits that attend to us.                
              Refrain from indications that you desire to hurt yourself or others.
              Thank You.

       xxo We are all connected and every transformation we endure
               is a contribution we make to all others and the future to which
               we will one day belong.

xxo For a little taste of my style go to my Facebook page where I
               post wisdom readings every morning Monday through Friday.