You may use the buttons to your right for Pay Pal payments. Just add the total amount you need to your bag.

I also accept all credit cards and debit over the phone.

If you prefer to use a check or money order or a sweet trade . . . let's talk. Send an e-mail to:

15 minute readings . . . 20.00

25 minute readings . . . 30.00

60 minute readings . . . 60.00

I Ching readings . . . 80.00

Package Readings:

Deep shift work requires a series of readings that happen over time. 

Each package includes a 20 minute consultation to determine the best way to work for what you need or desire to shift.

Packages are excellent for working with confusing or life-long issues. This may be a deep grief, even one for which you can not determine a source. These life issues may also deal with the 'theme' that works through your relationships and creative/work patterns.

Packages are a great way to handle trauma (old or new), or matters that arise from making big changes in your life, such as leaving a partnership or starting your own business.

You and I will decide how to break up the time you purchase. We may work in hour sessions or 15 minute sessions or any combination.

Most likely I will use a combination of Tarot and I Ching to gain the largest view of what you are shifting. Packages are also great for those wanting to set-up a schedule for monthly or weekly readings.

3 Hour Package . . . 150.00 (Save 30.00)

5 Hour Package . . . 230.00 (Save 70.00)

12 Hour Package . . . 500.00 (Save 220.00)

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