When I agree to take you as a client, I agree to enter aspace of unconditional support and non-judgment for anything I may hear or feel. This agreement is a visceral experience of body, spirit, and mind. This agreement is for my benefit and growth as much as it is for yours and the good of all. 

By going into an agreement, a spiritual bond, with unconditional support and non-judgment a space is cleared for truth telling and acceptance of what must be changed or given over to loss once and for all.

This clear space opens for receiving the admiration and love that surrounds us and desires our attention, too. The open space allows for the possibility of a genuine shift in how we approach and understand our lives.

My body will often experience as yours-to the degree you allow- and I will notice the way certain emotions or ideas sit in your body and where. We work together to shift energy from anchors in old memories or events. We work together to shift away from patterns that deceive or thwart the self and the beautiful path of the purpose of your life.

The guides I work with may enter if they have a particular message for you or wish that I indicate the impact of certain information.  

The purpose of the work is to shift clients energetically and release emotional cords to negative habits and unnecessary associations. We will develop solutions for daily problems and the larger losses that are part of the human experience.

We will create and discover the stories of your past, present, and future. We will break down realistic expectations for the situations in your life and attend to those practices and energy shifts that will drive the outcome of those events.

We will look any 'blocks' effecting basic satisfaction and greater contributions in life. You won't always hear what you want to hear, but you will gain greater control over your responses to your environment.

A wealth of practical daily technique is the focus of my constant studies in healing the self, inter-personal relationships, and communities or organizations of all sizes. I have tools to share.

It is the purpose of my life to extend these tools, these teachings, these shifts in energy to those who are called to work with me.

All of my clients are my mirrors. I heal in myself what you allow healed in yourself. We are all connected and every transformation we endure is a contribution we make to all others and the future to which we will one day belong.

When you become my client I go into an agreement with a higher measure of being and I commit to unconditional support and non-judgment and this is made real for me as I ask for it to be so. I ask and it becomes so. You bless me and I am grateful. xxo