“Sure to be shoplifted by teen delinquents, but also has a shot at adult cult status.”

-Kirkus Reviews  

“The novel is perfectly paced, and Angie’s thoughtful, gut-tearing, hilarious narrative builds the plot quietly. The author uses the rednecks, Red Lobsters, dumpsters and strip malls of working-class suburbia to create an ugly yet alluring post-punk setting.” 

                                                                                    -School Library Journal


“[Michelle] Embree has done an amazing job of making a novel about a fat girl, a lesbian and a high school student with only one enormous breast as real and relevant as anything Judy Blume has written.”  


                                                                           -San Francisco Chronicle


These Kids are freaks, druggies, losers and sluts, but they’re also funny, intelligent, caring people with complicated lives full of responsibility. Their banter, sarcasm and affection for one another crackle with energy. Toss in one of the most appallingly inept teenage loss-of-virginity scenes ever and you’ve got a winner.”                                            

                                                                        -Time Out Chicago 


“I wish there were books like this when I was growing up, books that dealt with issues of class, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, both intelligently and unabashedly, within the contemporary culture.  Beautifully and honestly written.”                                           

                                                               –Michael Turner, author of The Pornographer’s Poem