All readings may be recorded and sent to your e-mail at no extra charge.

Payments may be made prior to reading through PayPal, Facebook Wallet, debit/credit, Square Cash (we may arrange for checks or money orders also) etc.

Send me an E-mail to request a reading and we will work out all the details from there:

One Hour Readings: $80.00
Half Hour Readings: $45.00


Package hours are used over time. We will decide together how to best use and divide the time so durations and purposes will vary. 

Packages are excellent for deep, step by step work, giving you the right support at the right time. A package can also be a strategy for holding yourself accountable for the change in your life. You know I am going to ask you about it and provide next steps. For some clients this in itself creates change and healing. A package can be helpful for a specific project or a difficult portion your life path.  

Three Hour Package: $185 (includes 20 minute consult)
Five Hour Package: $260 (includes 20 minute consult)
Seven Hour Package: $340 (includes 20 minute consult)