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Tarot Readings: (phone readings include recording)

Twenty-Minute Read: $30 
Forty-Minute Read: $60 
Hour Read: $80
Three Card: $20.00 (by email)
Five Card Month Ahead: $35.00 (by email)
Text or E-Mail to request an appontment:

Text: 270-331-9229

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Bundle hours are used over time. We will decide together how to best use and divide the time so durations, tools, and purposes will vary. 

Bundles are useful for deep, step by step work, giving you the right support at the right time. A bundle may also be a strategy for holding yourself accountable to specific change in your life. A bundle may be helpful for a specific project or a difficult portion your life.  

All Bundles include 20 minute consultations.

Three Hour Bundle: $200 
Five Hour Bundle: $290
Seven Hour Bundle: $380
Payments may be made by PayPal, Square Cash, Facebook Wallet, Venmo to:

OR you may give a card number over the phone to be processed through Square.