A 'Trauma Informed Approach' takes into consideration the non-linearity of the Trauma Experience. A re-experience is NOT FAILURE, it is the precise

state of mind for which you need and deserve competent assistance and a focus on both management and self-awareness.

Like many of you, I suffer from C-PTSD and find that care in both standard Western Medicine and standard Metaphysical practice can do more harm than good. 

A Trauma Informed Approach means I will not shame or dismiss your anger. It means I will help you to grasp the time-travelling nature of your re-experience. Just because you find yourself there again does NOT MEAN YOU FAILED. You did survive, you just forget sometimes and it hurts. Maybe you get angry all over again, this does not mean you did not forgive yourself, you just forget sometimes and it hurts.

No one is required to relinquish anger or engage 'forgiveness' in order to get help from me. 

You do not need to be on a path of sobriety or free of self-harming activities and actions. Trauma is a non-linear state of mind and we will deal with this beast just exactly as it stands. You are my concern and healing YOU is where we begin and end. Period.

For those who suffer trauma from practitioners of Western Medical practices or Metaphysical practitioners, we will deal with these re-traumatizations as well.  
Your feelings are always valid. Your past experiences are defined only by you and you are always listened to in my work. I have had dangerous experiences in both types of healing care and am dedicated to offering my expertise to repairing and releasing these most sensitive of traumas.    

As your peer and your biggest cheerleader, I can stand beside you. PLEASE make sure ALL of your practitioners are Trauma Informed and ready to regard you with the respect and acceptance you require and deserve. It can be all too easy for others, even professionals, to find traumatized persons an easy place to exercise their own anger and frustration. I can help you work through these experiences as well.

A trauma-informed approach reflects adherence to key principles rather than a prescribed set of practices or procedures. These principles may be generalizable across multiple types of settings, although terminology and application may be setting- or sector-specific:

  1. Safety, Trustworthiness and Transparency
  2. Peer support
  3. Collaboration and mutuality
  4. Empowerment, voice and choice
  5. Cultural, Historical, and Gender Issue
This page is in the first phase of it's evolution as a resource that will interact with this BLOG PAGE and will find ways to expand to include a larger, interactive, conversation. 

There are layers of understanding and reasons to speak in a certain manner at certain times in the processes we are undergoing personally and on the whole. Language and madality are dependent on the present variables. More on that later and this for more and complimentary thoughts.