A Ritual In The Making Of Everything

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Split The First Atom: A Ritual In The            Making of Everything

For Big Stories
And Big Energy
US Tour 
Summer 2017

Written and Performed 
By Michelle Embree
With Musical Magic 

If you have a venue where you
would like to see us
Please Contact Michelle

Based in New Orleans, LadyBabyMiss, has absorbed some of the rawness and authenticity of the great music town she calls home.

At times backed with a full band, and at times a solo performer, she is unafraid to confront emotional territory that may seem daunting or leave one with a sense of uncertainty.

Her voice is both soothing and commanding, and urges the listener to open their heart and mind to the smallness of the individual, and the way each of us make up the big picture.

Her songs tend to use the piano as more a rhythm section, and there is a uniqueness to both her song structure and lyrical choices.

This is music that is for listening, quiet reflection, and personal growth. This is music that makes you feel.