The I Ching is a Chinese Oracle informed by Taoism and Confucianism. The line formations seen on the cards below were traditionally derived using 'yarrow stalks' and are called 'hexagrams' because six lines are determined to make the symbol. A system was later devised to utilize coins in the construction of the 'hexagrams'.

The I Ching is sometimes known as 'The Book of Changes' and considered one of, if not the, oldest book in the world. I recommend doing some research on this amazing Oracle because, as with anything this old, stories vary widely on how we come to hold it in our modern hands.

My relationship with the I Ching began in 1995 as a student of philosophy at Mckendree University. It would be many years before I actually met 'the sage' on her own terms and began my relationship with this powerful force.

The I Ching is a complex language preserved through a series of 64 'hexagrams', it is like picking up a phone to call a particular being. 'The Sage' is opinionated, she communicates with us for her own purposes. Though I believe this Oracle has many genders, it is her feminine/yin aspect that speaks through me.

The experience of the I Ching is different than that of Tarot or any work I do with 'guides' or 'christ consciousness'. This Oracle is special and I continue to explore the possibilities with great respect.

The cards pictured below are made by Klaus and Marlis Holitzka and I use these for 15 minute readings. I find these cards to be beautiful, accurate, and reverent.

Hour long readings are conducted using coins and tend to be very intense.